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Wireless Headphones with Bass Earbuds

Updated On: 3 Dec 2019


If you've ever tried listening to music while working out, you probably know that not just any headphones will suffice. You need the best headphones on the market, and certain headphones are just better than others when it comes to being active.

Overview of Wireless Headphones with Bass Earbuds

These headphones are perfect for working out. They are noise canceling, sweatproof, and lightweight. The earbuds have mega bass sound and a comfortable ergonomic design that stays put throughout your workout. Need to take a quick break or answer a call? The Bluetooth mic lets you do just that. Not ready to use the headphones but don't have a pocket to put them in? The earbuds have built-in magnets that connect them, making it easy to wear them around your neck securely. 

How to Use the Headphones

Whether you're running, driving, hiking, at the gym, competing in outdoor sports, or taking a spin class, these headphones are the perfect accessory for any music lover. Just pair the Bluetooth headphones with your cell phone or other compatible devices. You'll get a strong signal and a quick connection and will enjoy the excellent sound quality. Then, choose one of the three included sets of liquid silicone ear tips that have integrated wax guards for the ultimate comfort in a soft, flexible fit. The angled ear canal stem helps position the earbud properly, so you don't have to worry about them falling out. When you need to skip a song, answer a call, or change the volume, you can use the three-button remote and built-in microphone to handle all your needs right from the headphones.

Pros and Cons of the Headphones

It's hard to find anything negative about these wireless headphones. Some customers might prefer to switch out the silicone ear tips for foam ones, but that's just personal preference. Three sizes of tips give you all you need to get a good fit. The noise-canceling works well, and the volume is higher than some other earbud headphones. This is true of the bass also, which is strong for coming from tiny earbuds. Another pro of choosing these headphones is the battery life, which lasts up to six hours while other brands seem to average four. Although, some customers might be turned off by the time it takes to charge the battery. Other customers might find the placement of the remote a bit clunky, as it is closer to one ear than the middle and they might feel it weighs it down. The price is certainly right, and these headphones are in the same class as ones that cost twice as much and more, making them an economical choice without compromising quality. Making them stand out above many other brands is the fact that they are sweat proof and utilize the magnetic attachments to keep them from getting lost when you aren't using them.

These Headphones Can't Be Beat

Ultimately, these wireless headphones with bass earbuds are your best bet for all things sports-related. The lower cost, high-quality nature of the headphones makes them a win for anyone who chooses to buy them.