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Fitbit Versa Smart Watch, Black/Black Aluminium

Updated On: 3 Dec 2019


You want to track your steps, laps, and health. The Fitbit Versa Smart Watch gives you options and advantages that other trackers don't provide. 

Fitbit Integrated

The Fitbit app integrates well with the watch and shows you the data collected from swimming, workouts, floors climbed, sleep, and steps. The Versa also tracks your heart rate and allows for logging of those pesky feminine cycles. Compete with your Fitbit friends easily and receive those satisfying badges to display. Special additions allow you to follow the on-screen workout routines to better vary your fitness routine. 


Versa's band detaches allowing for changes in band style, color, or length. Special editions offer new colors and textures, not on the original product. The ability to change bands, apply faceplates and choose a new style compliments the faceplate's ability to download new watch faces. Open programming allows for users to download custom faces from their phones. 


Versa can keep you in control of your life without the constant need to look at your phone. Receive your phone call notifications, text messages, and app alerts right on your watch. You can receive reminders to move, stand, and relax from your wrist as well. The long battery life gives you more time to stay connected without detaching for charging. 


Connections to Android phones are the best, leaving other phone users out of some of their integrations, such as sending quick reply texts. Music storage is only available on special editions, but controlling music apps is still accessible on the watch. No option for cellular connectivity meaning you still need to have your phone within 30ft to sync information. 

For a fitness watch, the Fitbit Versa Smart Watch is one of the best in today's market. Technological improvements have aided this watch to be better than it's predecessors and driven your fitness goals into the future!