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Apple Watch Series 3 - GPS, 38mm

Updated On: 3 Dec 2019


You see them running, walking, talking, texting all around you, why do people love their Apple Watch so much? Convenience, connection, technologically advanced, and stylish are only a few of the Apple Watch's appeal.

Series 3 Specifications

The Apple Watch Series 3 can use GPS, detect your heart rate, and track your movements. Perfect for your gym routine, outside running, and swimming gets that movement rings closed and meet your goals. Did you forget your phone at home? No worries! Receive all your calls, text messages, and social media alerts on your phone with the cellular option. 


Hate silicone bands? There are options to outfit your watch with so many stylish bands and even support a few small businesses while you do it! Detachable bands, multiple color faceplates (and covers), and two sizes allow you to express yourself easily. Smaller wrists will want the 38mm where those who either need the larger print or have larger wrists will need the 42mm. 


With the great demands on the watch, there is a couple of drawbacks. Unlike your phone, the battery will not last a full 24 hours. The magnetic charging cable attached to the back of the watch easily, but it is just as easy to get knocked off in a busy household. The glass face is much like the front and back of your phone, without proper care it will shatter. Not as easy as 'I hit it on the door frame' but apply a little more pressure and you'll be looking for a replacement face. 

The Apple Watch Series 3 is a great upgrade from the 1 or 2, adding even more convenience to everyday life. As with all Apple products, the insurance is worth looking into as well. Upgrade your watch and allow yourself the freedom an Apple Watch provides with the Series 3.